COTA Dining Table

COTA dining tables are the greatest exponent and formal development of the double-tube concept series. This family of the collection incorporates the geometric game in every component: the entire table structure is built by double tubes that generate the characteristic effect of the family.


All our tables are completely made of aluminium, which makes them perfect both for indoors and outdoors.
Each piece is welded by hand in our workshop in Spain and painted in an epoxy painting booth to ensure protection against scratches and impacts. Italian genuine terrazzo is also polished by hand by our workshop team workers.


You can find our standard sizes and pricing available below.
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Sizes available:

Squared: 94x94cm H74cm
1420,00€ VAT incl.

Squared coffee: 94x94cm H45cm
1360,00€ VAT incl.

Medium: 160x94cm H74cm
1900,00€ VAT incl.

Large: 220x94cm H74cm
2420,00€ VAT incl.

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Our Cota collection is designed and manufactured to be used both in indoors and in outdoors.

Made of high quality aluminum, pieces are individually welded by hand to offer our clients the best quality.

All our pieces are painted in an epoxy painting booth to achieve extra impact strenght in our color palette.

Tables in Cota family can adapt to any type of space thanks to its simplicity.

A design that due to its purity of lines, allows a visual arrangement of the place.

We use our entire combination of table tops and colors to approach the collection style to the place where it will be located.