Bookholder | Blue & Grey



Our book holder has been designed as a search of pureness and harmony. We develop a collection based on a geometric grid where each piece works by itself or as a group. Each component of the grid is made out of two layers. The first layer, a plain color metal sheet with a defined shape is spaced off the second layer, a solid terrazo square. It is interesting the contrast we get by playing with both layers, regarding the colors and the shadows between the offset of them. 

Genuine terrazzo tile, powder-coated steel

Terrazzo is thoroughly polished after waterjet cut. Combined with our powder-coated steel sheet, creates a unique piece where quality shows up anywhere you place it.

Size & Care

W 12 cm
D 12 cm
H 6 cm

Wipe with wet cloth in soapy water.
100% Mediterranean Made.

Delivery time: 1-2 weeks